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When writing rules change…




Has anyone ever said, in the entire history of the world…

…“This would have been a great book, but because the author used two spaces after a period it is an unmitigated disaster…”

Probably not, but you know, the argument between one space and two is still around. So which one is correct?

…There is no evidence in the entire history of the universe that using two spaces after a period has caused irreparable harm, gross insult, lasting disease, mass hysteria, or any negative effect on the human species whatsoever…

…but when it comes to maintaining an easy flow, a single space is definitely less distracting. And that may be a better argument for single spacing than anything regarding monospacing typewriters vs. proportional spacing computers. imagesCATEJ903

…it’s all about readability after all…though it’s funny how something that used to be considered normal is now considered odd… imagesCAOU1W01




(quotes credit: http://www.ditchwalk.com/2011/01/19/two-spaces-after-a-period/)

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  1. Zach

     /  March 25, 2015

    Single spaced text is tiring to read. Unfortunately all the sheep ignored history and claimed it was the ideal.



    • Hi Zach! Oh, if you’re talking about line spacing, I couldn’t agree with you more! 🙂 Single-spaced lines are just too crowded for me I guess. Spacing between sentences though…pretty amazing about how “ideal” can vary from person to person, isn’t it? I remember two spaces after the period was what they taught way back when, but it’s funny how seeing two spaces now actually looks weird to me. Ah well…I guess you really can get used to anything 🙂



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